UIA Celebration in San Francisco / Célébration de l’UIA à San Francisco

On Wednesday, November 13, 2019, my law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson hosted a cocktail reception at the magnificent Palace Hotel to celebrate the UIA and the international legal community in San Francisco. I took the occasion to describe the work of UIA and introduce fellow UIA member Natalie Pierce who will be one of my Presidential counselors this year. We were also addressed by former US Ambassador to Australia The Honorable Jeff Bleich, who discussed the importance of leadership as the legal community faces new and disruptive challenges such as the AI revolution, and by the incoming 2020 President of the Bar Association of San Francisco Stuart Plunkett, who discussed San Francisco’s advantages as an international arbitration center and anticipated collaboration with UIA. Many of the city’s leading arbitrators and mediators, including several from JAMS, were present along with lawyers practicing in the international field. The Palace Hotel was the perfect location to remember our city’s internationalism since exactly 100 years ago US President Woodrow Wilson celebrated the formation of the League of Nations at a dinner in the hotel’s Garden Court which our venue overlooked, and exactly 75 years ago the signing of the United Nations Treaty at the San Francisco Opera House earlier in the day was followed by a celebratory dinner in the same hotel court. It was an extraordinary evening, and an excellent opportunity to spread the word about the UIA and its ambitious agenda this year.

Une belle soirée à l’hôtel Palace au centre de San Franciso pour fêter l’UIA ce 13 novembre, sponsorisée par mon cabinet Munger, Tolles & Olson. J’y ai eu l’occasion de présenter l’UIA et ses activités aux avocats californiens qui exercent dans le domaine de droit international. Nous avons eu l’honneur de la présence de l’ancien ambassadeur américain en Australie Jeffrey Bleich qui est intervenu sur l’importance de l’intelligence artificielle, et du President élu du Barreau de San Francisco Stuart Plunkett qui a commenté les atouts de la ville comme centre de l’arbitrage international et sur la collaboration éventuelle du Barreau avec l’UIA.

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